Cruelty to animals: pig fatteners break piglets’ teeth

Chub – A man breaks out the canine teeth of a small piglet with pliers. The photo was probably made in the pig breeding facility of Tiergut Elbland in Gallschütz near Döbeln. Animal rights activists filed criminal charges.

“We have had a video of the conditions in Gallschütz since June 2020. Clipping the piglets’ canines is actually only allowed in exceptional cases so that the animals do not injure each other. In this facility, however, it is apparently standard, ”says Sandra Franz (40) from the animal rights organization Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA).

According to the animal welfare organization, weak, sick piglets are said to have simply been slain instead of being fostered.

Senior Public Prosecutor Ingrid Burghart (57) confirms that BILD has received a criminal complaint. “We are still checking the company headquarters and the responsibilities and then investigating the allegations.”

The Central Saxony District Office also has its sights set on the farm. Spokesman André Kaiser: “In this specific case, there were already violations in May, there will be another control first.”

Tiergut Elbland is headquartered near Zeithain and was not reachable by BILD yesterday.


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