Cross-border love story: 2 players openly love at the Olympics

Friday, August 13, 2021 13:02 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Olympic news) At the Tokyo Olympics, there are not only races but also a place where athletes show many other hot side stories.

At the recent Tokyo Olympics, there were 3 love affairs of pairs of athletes that received special attention from the audience. Fans were surprised when they noticed that Florent Manaudou (France) approached to give a kiss to the beautiful fisherman Pernille Blume (Denmark), only to find out that this was a couple who had been in love a few years ago.

Cross-border love story: 2 players openly "love"  at the Olympics - 1

Manaudou passionately kisses the Danish sports beauty Blume at the Olympics

After the above wonderful love story, two female football players announced their same-sex lovers. As the women’s basketball team won the Olympic gold medal, female player Sue Bird approached the stands where Megan Rapinoe, the women’s soccer captain, was sitting. The audience was extremely surprised when the couple gave each other a passionate kiss, it is known that they dated after the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Cross-border love story: 2 players openly "love"  at the Olympics - 3

The love between a female American football player and a compatriot female basketball player

The other love affair was confirmed when the Olympic women’s bronze medal match ended. Australian women’s striker Sam Kerr congratulates colleague Kristie Mewis on winning the Olympic bronze medal with the US. The couple’s emotional photo was then posted on social networks and they were no longer hiding, officially making their love affair public with fans.

Cross-border love story: 2 players openly "love"  at the Olympics - 4

The photo that went viral after the Olympics between Kerr and Mewis

The 27-year-old female striker of the “kangaroo country” team, Kerr confirmed the love story on social networks by posting a love photo of the couple. Mewis is intimate with Kerr, the two give a passionate kiss.

Before that, Kerr broke up with female Nikki Stanton, another player of the US team. They used to have 7 years of love, but Kerr confirmed that they no longer have feelings, so they broke up. So after only a short time, Kerr had a new girlfriend after breaking up with her old love.

Cross-border love story: 2 players openly "love"  at the Olympics - 5

Cross-border love story: 2 players openly "love"  at the Olympics - 6

The couple then released a public photo of their love story


Cross-border kiss at the Olympics: French fisherman embraces Danish beauty

(Sports news, Tokyo Olympic news) The pair of “talented boys and girls” publicized their love story at the last Tokyo Olympics.


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