Croatia: thumbs up! Margareta (99) has just defeated Corona

“It’s over, I feel good now,” says Margareta Kranjcec (99) of the Croatian newspaper “Vecernji list”. The very old elderly woman lives in a nursing home in the city of Karlovac – and she has just survived a corona infection!

At the end of October, Margareta was admitted to a hospital as a precautionary measure after a positive corona test.

Several residents of her home had contracted the corona virus. Margareta Kranjcec, who did not have any serious pre-existing illnesses, fortunately showed almost no symptoms. After a good three weeks she was released from the clinic.

Margareta Kranjcec is now being cared for in the old people’s home againPhoto: DENIS LOVROVIC / AFP

“In view of her frailty and her old age, it is really amazing that the coronavirus was not able to harm her,” said Stefica Ljubic Mlinac, the director of the nursing home. In the midst of the pandemic, “this is really good news”.

With its 4.2 million inhabitants, Croatia has so far registered almost 140,000 coronavirus infections. Almost 2,000 people died from the virus in the Balkan country.


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