Crazy process in Bad Kreuznach – father rioted because of goose in the children’s ward

Goose weird, this process! Because a little boy (8) did not want to eat his Christmas goose, his father (36) was now on trial.

What happened?

On Christmas Day 2018, the son of industrial worker Ilker Y. was lying in the children’s ward of the Diakonie Hospital Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate). There was Christmas goose for lunch. But the eight-year-old didn’t want that. His father refused an alternative menu (pork) for religious reasons.

Sister, he doesn't like it: a leg of goose with red cabbage

Sister, he doesn’t like it: a leg of goose with red cabbagePhoto: PantherMedia / Andreas Berheide

The disaster took its course.

Because the nurse had to take care of another chronically ill child after serving food, the boy remained hungry. His father freaked out, screamed at the sisters, and insulted one of them as a “Nazi”.

Nurse Berna D .: “It got louder and louder, because I was afraid I locked myself in the ward room with a colleague and a doctor.” Patients and visitors panicked.

When the police approached, Ilker Y. stormed towards the officers with raised fists, according to the “Rhein-Zeitung”. They tried to calm him down and another battle of words broke out.

The father refused to leave the clinic, so the police forcibly pushed him into an elevator and led him from the clinic premises.

Locked herself in fear: Nurse Berna D. in court on Friday

Locked herself in fear: Nurse Berna D. in court on FridayPhoto: Jürgen Mahnke

Sister Berna D. to BILD am SONNTAG: “Later his wife came and said: ‘You always see each other twice.’ We were really scared! After work we always went to our cars together. “

Ilker Y. received a complaint for resisting law enforcement officers and was sentenced to a fine of 5000 euros in the local court. He appeals.

Then on Friday the surprise in the Bad Kreuznach regional court: The judge closes the proceedings because of minor guilt! Y. has a multiple criminal record, inter alia. because of insult, assault, driving without a license.

Crazy process in Bad Kreuznach: father rioted because of goose in the children's ward
Photo: BILD

But the statement of a nurse relieves him: Accordingly, the police first pushed the raging man against a window. His own behavior is not enough for a conviction. Ilker Y. relieves BILD am SONNTAG: “It was incredibly stupid what I did there.”


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