CPF: the government decided to introduce financial regulation

Posted Dec 7 2022 at 7:00Updated 7 Dec. 2022 at 7:02

Remain dependent or not remain dependent? Officially, the Ministry of Labor was waiting for the social partners to finish their negotiations on the adaptation of the 2018 training reform before confirming the implementation of an unpopular measure but a source of savings: the establishment of a moderator ticket on the personal training account (CPF). Unions and employers broke camp last week, and will present their 17 proposals on Thursday. None goes in the direction of the regulation desired by the executive, which nevertheless seems determined to go to the end of its project, even if it is under a different modality.

This is evidenced by the position he adopted at the end of November in the Senate during the examination of the credits for the Labor mission of the draft budget for 2023. For the vote on an amendment by the Republicans aimed at establishing a ceiling on any purchase of training via the CPF according to procedures to be defined by decree in the Council of State (training concerned and possible exemptions), the Minister Delegate for Education and of professional training, Carole Grandjean, expressed a wise opinion. Clearly, not for but not against either.

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