Court: termination ineffective: cleaning job gone because Corona broke out at “Tönnies”

Bielefeld / Rheda-Wiedenbrück – The corona mass outbreak in the Tönnies meat factory in Rheda-Wiedenbrück has strange consequences. The Bielefeld Labor Court now has to deal with the dismissals of four temporary cleaning workers.

They always cleaned the meat factory on Sundays. When they were therefore quarantined after the outbreak, their main employer dismissed them without notice.

A family man (48) successfully fought for his job before the Bielefeld labor court.

Photo: Photo: Ralf Meier

“That is a disproportionate overreaction,” says lawyer Thomas Schönfeld. He represents a Turkish family man (48) who has been working as a warehouse clerk at the auto supplier in Bielefeld since 2013 and earns around 2500 euros gross.

In order to be able to feed the family (two children), he also took a cleaning job at a cleaning company and was employed in the Tönnies meat factory for four to five hours on Sundays. Like three of his colleagues.

Days after the Covid-19 outbreak in June 2020, he was quarantined, had to undergo a corona test and immediately informed the main employer. He responded with termination without notice. Reason: The part-time job was not known.

There was a risk that he would introduce the virus into the company, which could have serious economic consequences. Now the relationship of trust has been destroyed. “I never had contact with Tönnies employees and my corona test was negative. So there was no danger at all, ”says the family man.

The trial before the labor court ended after just 15 minutes. Judge Julia Brandt declared the termination to be ineffective. The family man must be employed immediately. Main reason: the works council had not finally approved the termination. Three more lawsuits are pending.


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