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People who share a bed with their partner often have better sleep quality, less tossing and turning, and fatigue… than sleeping alone.

This is the result of a study from the University of Arizona (USA) published in the journal Oxford recently. The study analyzed data on sleep activity and health, diet, environment, and socialization on 1,000 working-age adults in Pennsylvania. Evaluation tools were used such as the Epworth sleepiness scale, the insomnia severity index, and the STOP-BANG apnea score.

Dr Michael Grandner, Director of Sleep and Health Research, said: “Very few studies have explored this but our findings suggest sleeping alone or with a partner, family member or animal pet can affect sleep.”

People who regularly share a bed with their partner have less insomnia, less fatigue, and more sleep than those who never share the same bed. Spouses also fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and are less likely to have sleep apnea.

Couples sleeping in the same bed sleep better. Image: Shutterstock

The researchers also found that sleeping with a partner was associated with lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress; increased satisfaction in life; And people who sleep alone have the opposite situation. According to researcher Brandon Fuentes (University of Arizona, USA), sleeping together also reduces the risk of sleep apnea, the severity of insomnia and improves overall sleep quality.

To get a good night’s sleep, experts also advise people to change bad habits; maintain healthy sleep; avoid using stimulants that can cause sleep disturbances at night such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine… You should also not eat late and a lot; Avoid using electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Increased physical activity leads to better sleep and better sexual health. Eating healthy foods can lower cholesterol and keep the cardiovascular system stable, promote blood circulation, have a direct impact on libido. The foods that are good for sexual health are oysters, beef, fish, bean sprouts, avocados, nuts…

People who have trouble sleeping or have sleep disorders should talk to their doctor about sleep problems and daytime sleepiness. This may be due to an underlying sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. Diagnosing and treating these conditions can significantly improve sleep and sex drive.

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