Couple finds GIGANTEN potato in their garden

If you turn this fat thing into french fries, an entire kindergarten could be fed up!

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown dug up a GIANT potato in their garden in Hamilton, New Zealand. “Ugly Doug”, as the couple christened the bulb, weighs an insane 7.8 kilograms.

Colin found the potato when he hit something large with the hoe while he was gardening. Then he and his wife scratched the earth – and still did not know what they were looking at.

The Brummer weighs 7.8 kilograms. An asparagus peeler for size comparisonPhoto: / AP

The couple cut a piece off, tried it and finally recognized the potato by its taste. “We couldn’t believe it,” said Donna. “It was just huge!”

The New Zealanders found their “Doug” on August 30th of this year. A lot has happened since then. On the one hand, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown notified the Guinness Book of Records. An official award as the largest potato is still pending. But the chances are good: the current record tuber weighs less than five kilograms.

No joke: the couple built a small car for their

No joke: the couple built a small car for their “Doug”Photo: / AP

“Doug” has already made it to some fame in New Zealand. “We put a hat on him and post the picture on Facebook. We’ll go for a walk with him and let him soak up some sun, ”says Colin.

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No joke: the garden fans even built a little cart for the Klops to pull it around. The curiosity is stored in the freezer because “the ugly Doug” had started to smell a bit.

It is still unclear what will happen to the Rekord-Kolle. There are first interested parties: A small brewery asked if they could make a potato vodka from it.

More likely, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown will keep their GIANT potato. “It’s one of nature’s little pleasant surprises,” says Colin.


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