Corona: Without state aid, the days of the state circus are numbered

Zeithain – The clown has long since stopped laughing …

On January 7, 2020, the last curtain fell in the Eros circus. 447 days later, the Schmidt circus family is still in Röderau with around 30 animals and 40 vehicles. The winter camp became permanent.

“I was born in a caravan and have lived on the streets all my life. I’ve never been in one place for so long, ”says Eros director Bernhardt Schmidt (53).

During the GDR era, Eros was part of the GDR state circus. But the golden days are over: “We are financially at the end. Of course there was a bit of support, but not even everything from the November aid is there yet. It is so little that I cannot keep my business ”.

The TÜV for the trucks, loans, farrier and heating costs for the stables have to be paid. Thanks to donations, there is enough to feed the animals.

Schmidt: “Sometimes my children say: ‘Dad, throw in the towel,’ but I don’t want that. I don’t live from the circus, I am the circus. “

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March 28, 2021


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