Corona: Why doesn’t Thuringia do it like the Saxons?

From: C. VOIGT

Erfurt – Ten percent increase in the number of infections, soon the whole country in warning level three – Corona alarm in Thuringia!

But why don’t we just do it like the Saxons?

From next week, our neighbors are betting on a quasi-lockdown for unvaccinated people: From Monday, 2G (vaccinated / recovered) will apply in restaurants, cinemas, discos and football stadiums across the country.

This is currently not an option for Thuringia. The country is initially sticking to the flexible model, where you can choose between 2G and 3G Plus, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.

In other words: Organizers decide whether only vaccinated and convalescent or additionally negative PCR-tested people are admitted.

The 7-day incidence climbed significantly yesterday from 306.5 to 338.2 new infections – nationwide leader. Because the occupancy of the intensive care beds is over 12 percent, warning level three could apply almost everywhere. “The numbers are of course worrying and we are paying heed attention to them,” said the ministry spokeswoman.

2G in the whole country is not provided. But: If the situation does not improve, individual circles can be obliged to implement the flexible model.

Background are among others. Different regulations in individual districts such as the Eichsfeld or Ilm district, which do not adhere to the requirements of the state despite the highest warning level. In level three, for example, rapid tests are no longer sufficient for attending an event. A PCR test is required.

Deviations from the rule must be well justified, it said. The districts concerned were therefore asked to comment.


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