Corona: Thuringia relaxes rules

3G instead of 2G

Thuringia relaxes corona rules

Erfurt – Thuringia relaxes!

From Monday, new corona rules will come into force in Bavaria, which will apply until March 2nd. Restaurants no longer need to track contacts. In addition, 2G is being replaced by 3G in many areas. This means that unvaccinated people who have tested negative have access to restaurants, retail and hairdressers again.

Spectators are allowed again at sporting events. Swimming pools, thermal baths and saunas are also allowed to open. However, the 2G Plus rule applies there. Only vaccinated and recovered people with a current negative rapid test have access.

It gets complicated with the exceptions: The test obligation does not apply to those who have been boosted, who have been vaccinated twice (if the second spade was no more than 90 days ago), those who have recently recovered (if the infection was no more than 90 days ago) and those who have recovered with a spade before or after the infection.

Symptom-free children and adolescents are satisfied with a negative test or proof of regular testing at school. Daycare children who are free of symptoms are treated the same as those who have recovered and those who have been fully vaccinated.

Further relaxations are possible in many counties. Because from warning level 2, the regulation allows district administrators and mayors, e.g. Swimming pools can only be opened with 2G instead of 2G-Plus.


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