Corona: The new Infection Protection Act affects these 284 districts

With the new Infection Protection Act, the federal government wants to create clarity: ALL counties with an incidence of over 100 MUST pull the so-called emergency brake. No more exceptions!

A look at Germany’s Corona map shows: If the new law came into force today, the 284 red-colored districts would now have to brake fully.

In plain language:

▶ ︎ Curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

▶ ︎ Everything closed again, except: grocery stores, drug stores, pharmacies, garden centers, gas stations, bookstores

▶ ︎ Schoolchildren have to take a corona test twice a week.

▶ ︎ Sharp home office appeal; There is still dispute about compulsory testing for offices.

The measures regulated in the law should apply until a district slips below the 100 incidence on three consecutive days.

From an incidence of 200, districts must also shut down schools according to the draft law. This would affect 42 of the 401 districts on Sunday! The federal states could make exceptions for emergency care and graduating classes.

If the incidence is UNDER 100, the respective federal state may retain sovereignty according to the draft. As things stand today, that would be the case in 117 districts.

The federal government sent this first proposal to the parliamentary groups and states on Saturday. Comments requested on Sunday.

The federal government wants to implement the law as quickly as possible – and get it off the ground in the next week.

Sharp criticism of the lockdown law

However, there was already severe criticism of the Merkel plans. The President of the German District Assembly, Reinhard Sager (61, CDU), told the newspapers of the Funke media group: “The present draft is a law of no confidence in the federal states and municipalities.”

Sager continues: “With this, the federal government is leaving the mode of joint crisis management and wants to order effective measures directly on the spot.”

Jens Gnisa (57), director at the Bielefeld district court, criticized: “The federal government is clearly going beyond all proportionality limits,” said the ex-chairman of the German Association of Judges on his Facebook page.

Imposing nocturnal curfews with an incidence of 100 or more, although the courts have already questioned their effectiveness, is a “disregard of the judiciary”.


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