Corona rules Christmas: majority want to adhere to them

Braunschweig / Berlin – The majority of Germans want to observe the applicable corona protective measures over Christmas.

According to a survey, around 53 percent of citizens said they wanted to adhere to the rules “very precisely”, as the newspapers of the Funke media group reported on a survey commissioned by the online opinion research institute Civey. 24 percent stated that they wanted to follow the rules “rather exactly”.

The willingness to adhere to the protective measures increases with age. In the highest age group of over 65s, around 88 percent of those surveyed would have resolved to follow the rules “very precisely” or “fairly precisely”.

Accordingly, the support for the Corona rules is lowest among AfD voters. Almost 40 percent of those questioned who wanted to vote for this party stated that they “do not want to adhere exactly” to the regulations.

Only three percent of the respondents assume that the population adheres to the Corona protective measures “very closely”. Almost 40 percent expect that their fellow citizens pay attention to them “not at all exactly” or “less precisely”.

For the survey on behalf of the Funke media group, the opinion research institute Civey interviewed more than 5000 people.


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