Corona: Retirement home not yet vaccinated

Of: C. Lord

Goppeln (Saxony) – The quotas for general practitioners have been lifted, vaccination centers now peck without an appointment. Relaxation while vaccinating? One might think …

But Petra Göhlert, manager of the St. Clara nursing home in the Dresden suburb of Goppeln, has been fighting for months to get initial vaccinations for her facility: “It’s sad to always receive rejections. I can’t drive the old people to the vaccination center one by one … “

Andreas Schuppert (46), spokesman for Caritas, which runs the home, confirms: “At the moment, around 20 residents and ten employees are waiting for their vaccinations.”


According to the DRK, the home received the first 91 doses of vaccine in February. Previously, residents like Rosemarie Lange (92) had already been infected with Corona. She survived the virus and could not be vaccinated at the time. “There are also unvaccinated newcomers to the home,” says Göhlert.

So at the beginning of May she applied for 40 doses of vaccine to the DRK in Pirna. At the end of May the answer: “Mobile vaccination teams no longer come to nursing homes with fewer than 100 people to be vaccinated”.

Caritas adds: “An attempt was made to obtain appropriate vaccination doses for our partially bedridden and demented home residents and some employees via the pharmacy association. Unfortunately, this has repeatedly not been successful. “

At the end of June, the nursing home organized a family doctor who would vaccinate, but who needs vaccine. The DRK replies that it can only order cans that it inoculates itself. And the vaccination mobile is “unfortunately still not possible.”

Matthias Lange (66), whose mother lives in the home unvaccinated, contacted BILD. Now there is a vaccination appointment on July 15th.


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