Corona: rapid tests on the bus in Thuringia

Erfurt – While there is still a lot of ambiguity about the rapid test strategy elsewhere, the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district creates facts. District Administrator Peggy Greiser (ptl.) Is now sending a bus through the towns.

Next stop: Corona rapid test!

The bus will stop at eleven locations this week. Already 10 minutes before the start, Oberhofer Helga and Joachim Berger (82) came to Gräfenrodaer Straße yesterday. They wanted to be tested for their own safety, they told BILD – just have certainty. One by one, the couple went on the bus. After 15 minutes it was clear: Both are negative – just like the other 181 tested!

The circle is successful with its model. Around 5000 people have come to the voluntary tests so far – 52 of them were positive, the 7-day incidence has recently decreased again.

And the country? State Chancellor Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff (left) asks for patience. It will take some time before all citizens can regularly be offered free corona tests. With its promise, the federal government aroused high expectations that could not yet be fulfilled. Hoff: “We can’t do magic.”

You sit down in the bus, then comes the test stick

Photo: Martin Schutt / dpa

Environment Minister Anja Siegesmund (Greens) demanded that Thuringia break away from Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn’s lead and make its own test and vaccination strategy.

Meanwhile, there is trouble about the country’s new Corona regulation, which should apply from March 15 and which hardly provides for any relaxation. CDU parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt said that his parliamentary group would not agree to the regulation. The state government is on an odyssey. Voigt: “While the neighboring countries are gradually returning to a more normal everyday life, the Thuringians lack perspective.”

The FDP speaks of a missing overall concept.


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