Corona numbers in Germany: Here you can find out more like Angela Merkel

The current Corona numbers, the situation in the individual districts, compactly prepared with maps and diagrams: There is nowhere in Germany a better overview than in the BILD Corona Radar. The Chancellor knows that too!

Photos show that Angela Merkel (66, CDU) keeps an overview with the Corona Radar. The hotspot map shows where the situation is most tense. All information is updated daily.

Find out more like the Chancellor!

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The trend in the number of daily Covid deaths in Germany has recently increased, which was also expected after the steep increase in new infections. Around 1.4 million people have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 in this country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Covid-19 deaths by age group and gender in Germany (statistics) -

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  • Coronavirus news: MV wants quarantine when returning from risk areas


    MV wants quarantine when returning from risk areas

    Here you can find the latest information, facts and figures on the spread of the coronavirus. The live ticker from BILD!

Reported coronavirus patients in German intensive care units in hospitals - infographic

Current cases and numbers: Coronavirus (Covid-19) diseases in Germany (Karte / Map) - Infographic

Daily reported new corona infections in Germany - infographic

Corona test and results by calendar weeks - info.BILD

Statistics: The Corona Reproduction Number in Germany - Infographic

Coronavirus patients in German intensive care units in hospitals - infographic

How common is Corona worldwide?

The private Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA) determines the worldwide number of corona cases. If you compare the German numbers of Johns Hopkins with those of the RKI, then the RKI seems to be lagging behind in recording new corona cases. Reason: Both institutions determine the number of cases in different ways.

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  • Corona worldwide and travel: There are (almost) no Covid 19 cases in these countries


    There is (almost) no corona in these countries

    Here you can find out why this is the case in the respective states and which of these places you can currently travel to.

Statistics: Corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants - infographic

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  • Your numbers move the world: How Johns Hopkins University works

    Your numbers move the world

    How Johns Hopkins University works

    The Johns Hopkins University’s corona tracker counts over a billion clicks a day. BILD explains how the experts at JHU work.

Covid-19: Coronavirus cases worldwide (overview / statistics) - infographic

This is how the RKI works

As an independent federal authority for infectious diseases, the Robert Koch Institute is currently determining all of our lives with its figures, studies and the knowledge gained from them.

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People with 90 different professions from 50 nations work there. Of the 1296 employees, 1224 are in Berlin and 72 in the branch in Wernigerode. The Berlin 24/7 situation center alone has 150 employees.


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