Corona: Mask opponents call for demos in Hildburghausen again

Hildburghausen – Since Sunday, the tough lockdown in the Hildburghausen district has been even tougher – and new demo calls are already circulating on social networks.

“I bet you won’t be able to walk around the city ring of Hibu peacefully several times,” it says. B. as part of a “city bet”.

Mayor Tilo Kummer (52, left) is appalled: “We have our hands full fighting the epidemic. The situation is too serious for such games, the staff is needed elsewhere! “

The harder general decree prohibits all meetings in the district. Exception: You are registered four days in advance and the Infection Protection Act is observed.

In addition, it is now mandatory to wear a mask in the entire city center of Hildburghausen. Also forbidden: church services!

The police are now increasingly patrolling the district town

Photo: dpa

There is resistance to this. Erfurt’s Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr (63): “It is strange that this happened without any consultation with the churches. Our constitution protects the free exercise of religion. That is a great good, not just any thing. “

Kummer wants to avoid scenes like the previous Wednesday: 400 demonstrators marched through the city, sang: “Oh, how nice it is.”

They neither wore masks nor kept their distance. He was always ready for dialogue, said Kummer BILD. For example with mothers who don’t know where to put their children because daycare centers and schools are closed.

Teaser picture

Without a mask or distance, people marched through the city on Wednesday

Photo: dpa

The Hildburghausen district is still a Corona hotspot. Yesterday, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week was 588 according to the health department.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway in the district for a nationwide unique campaign. Starting tomorrow, the frequency of infection among daycare and school children should be checked.

11,000 rapid tests are available for this.


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