Corona: From Monday booking portal for vaccination appointments in Saxony online

Dresden – An online booking portal for vaccination appointments will start in Saxony on Monday. Then the vaccination centers will also open, announced Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping (62, SPD) on Tuesday shortly before midnight at a press conference after the cabinet meeting.

Accordingly, the Free State currently has 68,000 vaccine doses in stock, of which 38,000 are to go to the hospitals. The situation there is still particularly dramatic. The mobile teams that drive to these nursing homes are to receive 1,000 vaccination doses. A further 34,000 vaccine doses are expected to arrive on Friday of this week and next.

Compared to other federal states, Saxony vaccinates so slowly because simply not enough vaccine is available, explained Köpping. “Vaccination centers that were already open were closed after three days because the vaccines were all out. We didn’t do that because we want to vaccinate every day. “

The booking portal is to be activated on Monday, a telephone hotline will follow on Wednesday or Thursday. First of all, outpatient care and emergency services as well as people over 80 and people with disabilities are vaccinated.


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