Corona: First prison sentence for vaccination card counterfeiters

The judiciary is serious about vaccination card counterfeiters!

After fines, a fraudster has now been sentenced to imprisonment by the district court in Landstuhl (Rhineland-Palatinate). The case (AZ: 2 Cs 4106 Js 15848/21):

Two months ago, a family man went to a pharmacy with a fake ID in order to obtain a valid certificate by fraud. The employees noticed that the batch numbers on the stickers had already expired, the vaccination was not plausible. They called the police.

The convicted parcel deliverer was sentenced to three months in prison for forging documents.

According to the verdict, the sentence was also measured from a “general preventive point of view”. So as a deterrent!

The judgment has a further signal effect:

For the first time, a court has confirmed that pharmacists are not bound by their duty of confidentiality in such a case and can file a complaint against a customer.

According to the verdict, the man could have gotten a certificate in another pharmacy with the forgery. The “permanent danger” entitle the display. Jan Hornberger (40, director of the district court) to BILD am SONNTAG: “The judge was one of the first to apply paragraph 34 in this context.”

Chambers and associations welcomed the verdict. Gabriele Regina Overwiening, President of the Federal Union of German Pharmacists’ Associations: “It gives pharmacies more security.”

Corona: First prison sentence for vaccination card counterfeiters
Photo: BILD

Is it applicable in all federal states? dr Martin Braun (55) from the Baden-Württemberg State Chamber of Pharmacists: “The Attorney General’s Office informed us in writing that a justifiable state of emergency would also undermine our duty of confidentiality.” (tawi, hw, bel)


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