Corona disappointment for fools: Mainz Rose Monday procession canceled

Mainz – Again there will be no confetti mood in Mainz! For the second year in a row, the corona pandemic stops the high point of the foolish season.

On Wednesday evening, the Mainz Carneval Association (MCV) decided to forego the high point of Carnival for the second year in a row due to the permanently tense corona situation. MCV President Reinhard Urban: “We don’t make trains because we can’t make them.”

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According to the state’s Corona regulation, only 10,000 spectators are allowed. Even in January and February, a regulation is not expected that would allow several hundred thousand people to celebrate together.

In Düsseldorf, the Rose Monday procession was postponed from February 28th to May 29th. Such a postponement to an appointment after Ash Wednesday was ruled out in Mainz, as was the case in Cologne. There has not yet been a decision on the Cologne Rose Monday procession.

At the beginning of December, Mainz had already canceled the traditional New Year’s parade, which otherwise opens the Carnival campaign. Only a few thousand people attended the New Year’s parade in recent years. Until 2020, however, mostly half a million people flocked to the Rose Monday procession. The Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, recently said: “Given the current situation, you cannot imagine the Rose Monday procession.”

The planning for the Rose Monday procession began a few months ago. The MCV creative team was already working on ideas for the satirical motif wagons for the Rose Monday procession on February 28th, which wagon builder Dieter Wenger should then implement. And the train control already began to determine the order of the participating groups and motifs.


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