Corona demo in Schweinfurt (Bavaria): flash judgments against violent criminals

The judiciary quickly took action here!

After corona rioters on Sunday at a Demo in Schweinfurt (Bavaria) Police officers attacked, the first judgments were made on Monday.

A 27-year-old was sentenced to eight months in prison on probation in the “accelerated procedure” for punching an officer. The policeman was attacked suddenly by the perpetrator and, according to the authorities, suffered a “severely bleeding laceration”.

Another violent criminal (29) was sentenced to six months probation for kicking police officers.

Two other suspects (30 and 34) have been remanded in custody for attempted arson. They tried to set fire to a police vehicle on the sidelines of the protest.

The two men had withdrawn from the crowd of the demonstration and ran to the town hall, the police said. They discovered the civilian vehicle – and one of them tried to torch it with an accelerator. The other one was goo.

The investigators are certain: the car was “clearly” recognizable as a police car because of a police trowel on the dashboard.

Riot police became aware of the two arsonists and were able to quickly extinguish the fire that had broken out. “Nevertheless, there was significant property damage to the company vehicle,” said the police.

The two perpetrators were arrested and brought before the investigating judge on Monday afternoon, who sentenced them to pre-trial detention.

All convicted and accused were not previously known to the police, said a spokesman for the authorities.

The police headquarters in Lower Franconia announced: “The police and the judiciary will continue to take action against criminals in the future.”


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