Corona current! Saarbrücken: party people barricaded themselves in the shisha bar

The police broke up a party in a shisha bar in Saarbrücken-Brebach on Sunday night. The restaurant had already become suspicious several times in the past few weeks because of violations of corona requirements, it said.

Investigations against 16 guests and an organizer had shown that a birthday party had been celebrated there that evening.

After the arrival of the emergency services, the celebrants locked doors and windows. According to the police, the officers could only gain access to the restaurant by opening a security door. “Any do’s and don’ts from the ordinance were ignored and disregarded by those present,” said the police.

All those present and responsible for the party are now expecting a complaint for violating the applicable statutory order. The operator of the shisha bar must expect, in addition to the advertisement, that he loses his license.


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