Corona conspiracy theories: lateral thinkers are afraid of “vaccination mosquitoes” at demos

Mosquitoes annoy us all, but for lateral thinkers the buzzing of pests is apparently much worse …

Bill Gates wanted to decimate humanity with the corona vaccine, 5G transmitter masts spread the virus, mRNA vaccines changed our gene structure: crazy conspiracy theories have been buzzing around in the lateral thinker scene for a long time.

But now it’s getting completely crazy!

Because one of the opponents of the corona measures now claims to have found something scandalous: The government is trying to vaccinate those unwilling to vaccinate with the help of newly bred mosquitoes!

This mosquito species was bred, tested and used in demonstrations in the summer. And you can hardly notice the vaccination sting: It doesn’t itch and is only visible for a few minutes, according to a lateral thinker in a demo chat group.

He warned the participants of the demonstration in Berlin on Sunday about the vaccine insects – and urged them to watch out for “unprotected areas of the skin”.

And that’s not all: According to another conspiracy theory, the Internet should be shut down in July. “Unpleasant content” would then have been deleted. The sender of the confused fairy tale: the conspiracy theorist Miriam Hope.

And as crazy as that may sound, such theories – and their dissemination – are always dangerous. Because: Hope has more than a hundred thousand followers with the Telegram messenger service alone.

Of course, the internet shutdown did not occur.

More overthrow theories from the scene

Bill Gates and the Microchip Conspiracy

Gates intends to have microchips implanted in people in the fight against Corona – in order to gain total control.

The fact is: Gates wrote in March 2020 that at some point “digital certificates” could provide information about who has already survived an infection with the coronavirus or – as soon as possible – has been vaccinated against it.

The statement was then mixed up with completely different projects supported by the Gates Foundation. For example with research on digital identification, on a technology that shows vaccinations in infrared light on the skin, and on contraceptive methods using microchips. They have NOTHING to do with the coronavirus.

The 5G network spreads the coronavirus

There is a rumor in the lateral thinker scene that the new 5G transmission masts spread the corona virus – however that should work technically.

That is why there are always arson attacks on the power distributors. The fact that the number of infections is also increasing in countries without a 5G network is not an argument for conspiracy theorists.

The truth is: 5G is simply the fifth generation of wireless networks – and the cell phone masts just transmit via radio waves.

► mRNA vaccines change our genetics

The mRNA vaccine technology (Biontech and Moderna vaccines) is dangerous, changes our genetic make-up, women would become sterile – or even die from it.

Of course there is nothing to it. The vaccines work like this: During the vaccination, the genetic information for the spike protein of the coronavirus is smuggled into our cells with the help of tiny fat particles. They then produce a protein that serves as a key for the virus. Our immune system recognizes this protein and makes antibodies against it. The fat particles have absolutely no contact with our DNA – the genetic material.


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