Corona alarm in Bavaria: These rules now apply

Munich – Police controls, 3G at work, 2G in restaurants and at events. Bavaria is tightening the corona screw.

On Monday the hospital traffic light jumped to red. New regulations apply since yesterday. Prime Minister Markus Söder (54, CSU) said it after the cabinet meeting.

► Strict controls: The police should monitor compliance with the 2G rules. Söder announced yesterday: “The police will impose direct fines. In the event of multiple violations, she can also initiate closings. “

According to BILD information, the state government is not satisfied with the city’s fine management. These would not demand the penalties.

The police keep an eye on restaurants, cinemas and major events. Söder: “If 3G were perfectly controlled in all areas, the numbers would be a bit lower.”

► But no 2G for schoolchildren: Until December 31st, schoolchildren will be treated on an equal footing with those who have been vaccinated. Means: You can take part in school trips to museums, visit sports clubs or take part in theater groups. The school tests are also sufficient for restaurants and hairdressers. However, the equality with 2G does not apply to private visits to cinemas, stadiums or swimming pools.

► Compulsory test at the workplace: Since Tuesday, everyone who works in a company with more than ten employees must have a 3G certificate. Three ministries are to develop precise guidelines for companies in the next few days.

Söder: “The employer has to check.” Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (56, CSU): “It is clear that self-tests would not be in the spirit of the inventor.”

► Schools: The mask requirement in class now applies indefinitely and not just for the first two weeks after the autumn break.

► Vaccinations: Operation in the vaccination centers is to be ramped up to 2,000 per 100,000 inhabitants in one week.

Söder explained: “90 percent of the patients in the intensive care units are not vaccinated. We wouldn’t have this situation if we had a higher vaccination rate. “


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