Cooling tips without using air conditioning

If you’re being tortured by not having air conditioning when it’s hot outside, try some of the tips below to cool down your body as well as your home.

Cooling body

Cool down with food

Cut chilled or frozen cucumbers into thin slices and place one in the center of your forehead when the weather is hot. This will work quickly. Substituting for an ice cube or a can of refrigerated soda works the same way.

In addition, you can keep a spray bottle of clean water by the bed, ready to mist your face when it is too hot. Spraying water on the skin while using a fan helps to cool the body.

In the summer, try to avoid foods that heat the body like garlic, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, and salty cheese. Also avoid hot drinks in summer such as wine or alcoholic beverages, regularly drink pure water to cool down the body.

Wear less

On hot days, wear as few layers as possible. Wear light-colored clothes and choose natural materials like cotton and linen to better absorb sweat.

Researchers from the University of Oregon, USA found that wearing a fabric made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex is the best choice in hot weather. These materials will feel cooler on the skin when the temperature is high, as they transfer less heat than other materials.

It will be cooler at night if you use breathable linen or cotton materials.

Soak your feet in cool water

The ten toes are very sensitive to temperature because these locations always contain many sensory nerves.

In hot summer, you can cool down your body by soaking your feet in cold water. Keep a basin of water by your bed and dip your feet in it whenever you feel hot.

Sleep in a low place

You will feel cooler if you rest or walk on the lowest floors of a structure. This is because hot air rises and cool air settles.

Instead of hanging out on the upper floors, try moving activities to the lowest floor or basement. You can also try sitting and sleeping on the floor, as this can be the coldest part of the house.

Cool the house

Homemade air conditioner

Making your own air conditioner at home is actually quite simple. All you need is a fan and ice.

Use water and salt to make ice and place it in front of the fan. Salt will prevent ice from melting quickly when placed in front of a fan. Image: sohu.

Use 2-3 bottles, plastic cups filled with water and 3 teaspoons of salt (about 50 g), shake well to dissolve. Place the bottles of brine in the freezer (salt prevents ice from melting quickly). Place these ice bottles about 15 cm in front of the fan. The wind blowing from the fan will evaporate the water, reducing the temperature. Once the water bottles are thawed, they can be put back in the fridge and reused over and over again. This method is cheap but quite effective.

Turn off the heat source in the house

One of the ways to cool a room without air conditioning is to avoid letting the space generate more heat. Incandescent light bulbs typically emit a large amount of heat. Compact lamps are more energy efficient and energy efficient devices. Therefore, use compact light bulbs as an effective way to cool the room.

In addition, the desk and computer lights should be turned off when not in use. TV is also a device that generates a lot of heat, making the house more frustrating. Turning off appliances immediately when there is no need to use both reduce the heat in the room and save electricity.

The roof is made of light-colored materials

For hot and humid climates, choosing cooling materials that are effective in reflecting solar energy instead of absorbing it should be of concern.

In terms of reflectivity, white metal roofing can reflect 66% of the sun’s energy. Compared with other roofing materials, metal roofing cools faster at night and retains heat for a shorter time. In addition, white flat concrete tiles, terracotta or clay tiles can be used for roofing.

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