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Crab and jute vegetable soup, cooked ribs with crocodile, fish soup, lean meatloaf soup… both nutritious and have a cooling effect in the summer.

1. Crab and jute vegetable soup with spinach

This is a “national” dish from the North to the South, always a priority on hot days. Copper crab according to Oriental medicine has a salty taste, is soldering, has a good effect on bones and joints, and is rich in calcium.

To have a beautiful bowl of crab soup with green vegetables, it is important to pay attention: You should pound the crab by hand, add granulated salt to help the protein stick, carefully filter it to get more meat. Should choose field crabs at the beginning or end of the lunar month because at this time the crabs are fat and have a lot of meat; In the middle of the month, the crabs shed their shells and become thin and weak. Male crabs usually give a lot of meat, while female crabs have a lot of bricks.

How to cook crab soup with jute and spinach

2. Crocodile rib soup

Sausage is an idyllic fruit, familiar every summer in many northern provinces. With a mild sour taste, light aroma, crocodile is processed many delicious dishes on hot days. In which, it must be mentioned that rib soup cooked with crocodile – a “legendary” dish associated with many people’s childhood.

Cool soups for hot days - 1

A bowl of soup with tender ribs soaked in flavor, boneless, mild sour soup from crocodiles, fragrant from scallions and Chinese coriander eaten with white rice or vermicelli are all very “happy”.

Crocodile ribs soup recipe

3. Spinach soup with lean meat

According to Oriental medicine, spinach is sweet, cool, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, nourishing blood, laxative, and has a lot of vegetable protein. Many soups made from spinach are prioritized in the summer menu such as: Shrimp broth with minced meat, spinach soup with shrimp, crab and spinach soup, etc. In which, the lean vegetable broth is simple and easy to make. loved by many people.

Cool soups for hot days - 2

Depending on taste, there are 2 ways to cook: Some people stir-fry vegetables first until soft and then add water, others like green vegetables, so boil the water before adding.

Two types of lean vegetable soup

4. Crab taro soup with water spinach

A bowl of soup with crab meat, fragrant crab bricks, soft taro, delicious crispy water spinach. When this dish is eaten with eggplant, roasted meat next to it, many memories of the old flavors of Hanoi’s delicious dishes come flooding back.

Cool soups for hot days - 3

Note that you should choose water spinach when cooking the soup, it will be green. The secret to peeling taro without itchiness is to wear dry peeling gloves or boil and then peel. The portion of crab bricks depending on the taste of each family and region is delicious or added directly.

How to make taro crab soup with water spinach

5. Northern fish restaurant

The fish restaurant, together with the crab, mussel, mussel, and snail dishes… make a distinctive mark of Hanoi’s cuisine in particular and the North in general. Northern fish sauce made sour with vinegar or batch. If you like the color of clear broth, use vinegar, while using a slightly cloudy broth, but for a soft and sour taste. Pay attention to the part of the broth that needs to be boiled before adding the fish so that it doesn’t get fishy.

Cool soups for hot days - 4

In the North, you must add dill, green onion to taste. A bowl of soup with naturally sweet and tender fish meat, mild sour soup, eye-catching red color from tomatoes makes a summer meal delicious. but the way to do it is simple.

How to make Northern fish soup

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