Cook the most standard meal of worshiping the Apple in 2022

The ceremony of worshiping the Tao Army on December 23 opens the biggest New Year of the year. The Northern people’s tray is fully prepared to show gratitude to the gods for the past year.

According to folk beliefs, the worshiping ceremony of Cong Ong Tao must take place before noon on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. Depending on the region, there are different preparation methods. In the North, the tray is carefully prepared with traditional dishes along with carp. People in the Central region often offer a paper horse with a full saddle. In the South, they only worship with hats and paper hats and at night from 20 to 23 hours on the 23rd.

>> The ritual of worshiping Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao

The article introduces the worshiping tray of the Tao Quan people in the North. Depending on the conditions of each family, basically with traditional dishes such as sticky rice with gac, banh chung, fried spring rolls, boiled chicken, spring rolls, vermicelli soup cooked with chicken hearts, pickled onions…

A traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao in the North. Photo: Bui Thuy.

Chung cake square to represent the earth. The ingredients that are cooked are also very close to the outside, which is dong leaves, inside is glutinous rice and stuffed with green beans, onions, and pork.

Gac sticky rice With bright red like the sun, it means bringing auspiciousness and prosperity.

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The traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Apple in the North - 1

Boiled chicken It is always present in the Northern food because the ancient word “chicken calls for the sun” has the symbolic meaning of a chicken with superhuman strength capable of bonding and controlling heaven and earth. Moreover, in the 12 animals, the chicken is a symbol of integrity and strength.

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Traditional meal offering to Mr. Apple in the North - 2

Fried spring rolls It is an indispensable dish in the Tet tray of the people of the North. With a crispy crust, sweet and fragrant filling by the rounded blend of meat, egg, wood ear, bean … very attractive.

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The traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Apple in the North - 3

Papaya salad help the tray become harmonious, balanced taste. The secret to a delicious mannequin is that after scraping the papaya and carrot fibers, you should soak in dilute salt water to clean the plastic. Then wash, squeeze dry, then mix sugar water, vinegar, salt according to taste, let it infuse, drain the water. Finally, add roasted peanuts and herbs to make the salad dry and delicious.

Traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Apple in the North - 4

Along with fatty meat, banh chung onion pickle It is an indispensable dish in the traditional dishes of the North. This dish helps to increase the taste, easy to digest, reduce the appetite for the tray.

The traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Apple in the North - 5
The traditional tray of offerings to Mr. Apple in the North - 6

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