Convenient meal with Vissan spicy pork

Modern women today strive to assert their courage to create many achievements. In society, women always make an important contribution to socio-economic development, but when they come home, they also act as “fire keepers” and take care of the family. family.

Because women are busy with work cycles, sometimes they also have a little influence on family activities such as child care activities, house cleaning, preparing meals … may be helped by my husband and children, but it still takes a lot of time and would not be satisfied without a woman’s hand.

With Vissan-spiced pork, women can prepare a delicious and nutritious meal in just 15 minutes. Image: Minh Phuc.

Therefore, to support women to prepare meals quickly and conveniently for families, Vissan has launched a line of seasoned pork products. This is a product line that helps housewives to process complete dishes in just 15 minutes while still being delicious and nutritious.

Choose safe and nutritious ingredients

For many women, foods containing high levels of protein, amino acids and other vitamins such as pork, origin is always a prerequisite when choosing to prepare daily dishes. In which, Vissan is one of the reliable options for every home.

According to Vissan’s representative, the spiced pork product line is sourced from safe and nutritious pork materials, produced on a closed technology line, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards. Vissan’s pork meat combines with fresh natural spices with advanced meat-marinating technology, helping the dishes not only taste delicious, evenly spiced but also not dry, keeping the softness of each muscle .

Vissan Cutlet can process many delicious dishes such as honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, satay sauce.

Vissan cutlets have a variety of flavors including honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, satay sauce. Image: Minh Phuc.

Many options are convenient and easy to use

Understanding the needs of housewives when preparing many different dishes in the week without spending too much time, Vissan has launched a diversified line of seasoned pork products, divided into three main categories and bags. including 10 different items: cutlet (honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, satay sauce); young ribs (honey sauce, seasoning); bacon (honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, satay sauce).

With simple and convenient steps, you can quickly prepare nutritious and delicious family meals no matter how busy you are. Just open the product packaging, process according to the instructions such as frying or baking within 15 minutes, you will have a complete, soft and delicious dish without wasting time to prepare and marinate like before. .

Ba Lay Vissan is processed in the style of honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, and satay sauce are delicious dishes in family meals.

Ba roi Vissan includes flavors of honey sauce, seasoning, black pepper sauce, satay sauce, suitable for cooking delicious dishes in family meals. Image: Minh Phuc.

Suitable for all family meals

Vissan’s representative said that this brand’s seasoned pork product line has beautiful packaging, is packed in blisters of 500 grams and stored at temperatures lower than -12 degrees C. Product packages with many flavors Different tastes have reasonable prices, meeting the needs for daily meals of every home.

As one of the long-standing food companies in Vietnam, Vissan always brings prestige, quality, and continuously improved products, launching many new products to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Women who want to enjoy the product can be purchased at Vissan’s product introduction chains, many convenience stores, supermarkets nationwide or by order via hotline 19001960, website, Now, Sendo and Loship for home delivery.


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