Contract expires at the end of June – that’s why Bertram wants to stay in Magdeburg

After a free weekend, 1. FC Magdeburg started the rescue week on Monday. There are two match balls for relegation for the FCM in the next few days. Number one is to be transformed on Wednesday (7 p.m.) in Saarbrücken.

Striker Sören Bertram (29) to BILD: “We want to fix it this week. And if we confirm our form of the last few weeks, I am very optimistic. “

The FCM did not lose nine games in a row. Under Christian Titz (50), the team presents itself like a promotion aspirant and not like a cellar child.

Bertram: “I haven’t personally seen a series like this before. We really found each other as a team and with the trainer and it’s just really cool right now. “

Lower Saxony, too – under Titz’s predecessor Thomas Hoßmang (54), has even been exempted in the meantime – is flourishing again. That’s why Bertram wants to stay on the Elbe and extend his expiring contract.

Coach Christian Titz (left) appreciates Bertram’s qualitiesPhoto: Getty Images for DFB

“I haven’t given notice of my apartment yet. But it’s also no secret that my wife and I feel very comfortable here. Our daughter was born in Magdeburg in January. I wouldn’t mind staying here. “

Bertram recently made good arguments for staying with his goals in Rostock (2: 0) and Meppen (2: 1). There have been no talks with the club bosses yet, but that can change quickly if the FCM keeps relegation perfectly this week.


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