Containment: relieved, cinema operators are wondering about “time stamping”

It is a great phew of relief that the operators of cinemas pushed, after the announcement by Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday evening November 24, of their reopening on December 15, if the health situation allows it. ” It’s a real satisfaction, rejoices François Aymé, president of Afcae (French association of art and testing rooms), because we were very worried not to be able to reopen during the Christmas holidays, during which the attendance is the highest of the year.

Bookstores, cinemas, theaters… Emmanuel Macron is gradually deconfining culture

Same story with the National Federation of Cinemas of France (FNCF), whose General Delegate welcomes ” the very warm words addressed by the President of the Republic to the world of culture “. Marc-Olivier Sebbag is also pleased with the establishment of a time-stamping system which “ may allow the organization of performances at the end of the day “, said Emmanuel Macron.

We finally get what we were refused in mid-October, when the curfew was put in place: an exemption so that spectators can return home after 9 p.m., the ticket serving as proof », Specifies the person in charge of the FNCF.

The time stamp, an exemption to be specified

But the devil is in the details and many questions remain. Until what time will operators be able to schedule their sessions? 7:30 p.m., 8 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 8:50 p.m.? ” This needs to be clarified, recognizes Marc-Olivier Sebbag, but we have three weeks to fix the practical arrangements, and allow theaters to organize their programming and announce it “.

Concerns also persist about the ” strict sanitary protocol “Mentioned by Emmanuel Macron. Will it be the same as the one put in place before the re-containment? ” If it were to harden it would make the organization very complex, deplores François Aymé, especially for welcoming spectators at the start of sessions. Will we have to make them wait outside, in the cold, to avoid the crowds in the hall?

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Finally, will distributors play the game of a Christmas outing in difficult conditions? The representatives of the operators believe in it. Since the theaters reopened on June 22, distributors had mobilized to release films, despite reduced gauges, and the public had ended up finding their way back to theaters.

Masses before the cinemas

We call on distributors to release their films, but, shade Marc-Olivier Sebbag, ithere will be all the same many promising titles in theaters on December 15, those whose career was interrupted by the reconfinement, Goodbye idiots, DNA, Calamity, Poly, and those which are still planned for the end of December, Wonder Woman 1984, The speech (by Laurent Tirard), The Croods 2… ”

Confident, the operators pay little attention to the voices that are raised in the world of culture to be surprised at the resumption of masses on November 28, two weeks earlier than cinemas and theaters. ” The gauge of thirty people would not have been suitable for the rooms, judge Marc-Olivier Sebbag. Everyone has their constraints, we do not look in the font of our neighbor, if I may say so …


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