Consulting to build a 3.5-storey house on an area of ​​260 m2

I have a land of 260 m2, want to build a 3.5-storey house with 4 bedrooms, fully functional, hot tub and garden. North direction of the main house right on the main road. Look forward to consulting?

Readers: Hai Ha

Architect Truong Thanh Trung (T&T Architectural and Interior Design Consultant Co., Ltd) said that with an area of ​​260 m2, you should only spend 110 m2-130 m2 for construction area. The rest can be devoted to ancillary spaces such as landscaping and parking garages.

Because the site is located close to the main road, the project should go back into the land, the space in front is a buffer space to reduce noise and dust. With this layout, the entire space will focus on the inside of the land, because there is no landscape or beautiful view in front.

You can refer to the design below:

Layout floor plan 1-2. Photo: Architect Truong Thanh Trung

1st floor (ground floor): Main door entrance arranged in a tubular shape, the feeling is narrow, but when going through the main door, the whole space gradually expands, freeing the eye. The master bedroom is located outside to enjoy the entire buffer space in front.

Opposite the main bedroom is the entire living room and dining room divided by a soft space which is the side hall. This design creates privacy, separating the living room and dining room. The whole garden landscape is arranged in front of and around the house, bringing a sense of comfort and ease.

The location of the kitchen is located opposite the dining area, bringing convenience as well as convenience during use. Around the kitchen is arranged glass wall so that you can feel the landscape, the green trees outside.

The location of the stairs is located adjacent to the main bedroom. This is the best location chosen to serve the room dividers on the second floor.

2nd floor (1st floor) should arrange 3 bedrooms with the same worship room. The corridor is designed at the end with a miniature garden. The bedrooms and self-contained toilets are arranged with natural light.

Layout of the attic floor and roof.  Photo: Architect Truong Thanh Trung

Layout of the attic floor and roof. Photo: Architect Truong Thanh Trung

Floor 3: spend 50 m2 behind for space to arrange sauna massage – sauna, jacuzzi. In front, there will be a koi pond with a Japanese bonsai garden. This is the space to watch the sky and stars of the family as well as organize outdoor parties with friends and relatives.

Roof deck: is arranged technical equipment of the project such as water tank, hot air conditioning system…

With the above layout, hope that you and your family will have a lot of experience in living space as well as feel life in the true sense of “Home is the place to go”.

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