Construction workers, home helpers, salespeople … the government is considering a premium

The government plans to ask the professional branches bringing together employees of the “Second line”, particularly exposed during the Covid-19 health crisis, to negotiate the conditions for payment of a premium exempt from social contributions on the model of the “Macron prime”, according to government sources.

According to information from the daily “Les Echos” on Thursday evening, the Prime Minister “Jean Castex will ask the professional branches concerned to define by agreement the conditions for payment of a premium without charges which could be paid to certain employees”, on the occasion of the third social dialogue conference scheduled for Monday.

74 departments will pay a “Covid premium” to home help professionals

Asked by AFP this Friday, Matignon says nothing is “Acted”.

Another government source confirmed the hypothesis was on the table.

Crucial role

The Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, launched a mission in early November on these workers who were particularly exposed during the health crisis and whose role has proven to be crucial for economic continuity (construction workers, home helpers, salesmen, guards).

A report was commissioned from two researchers, making it possible to define more precisely the professions concerned and to investigate the working conditions of these employees.

The State and the departments release 160 million euros for Covid premiums for home helpers

To establish the list of business families, two criteria were chosen: potential exposure to the Covid-19 risk (direct contact with the public, colleagues, exposure to infectious risks) and presence on site, assessed during the first confinement. .

This report, which must be presented this Friday morning to the social partners, must serve as a basis for opening up the branches of negotiations that should lead to an improvement in the remuneration or training of these workers.

“We want concrete solutions”

At the end of January, the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, was annoyed with a dragging process. “It went on too long, now we have to accelerate. We want concrete solutions ”, he thundered.

The exceptional purchasing power premium, known as the “Macron premium”, was decided after the “yellow vests” crisis at the end of 2018. This premium, exempt from social security contributions and income tax, could go up to 1 000 euros.

Companies called on to pay the “Macron bonus” of 1,000 euros to employees who come to work

More than four million people had benefited between the 1er January and the end of July 2020, according to a point made by the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, at the end of September.

At the beginning of November, Elisabeth Borne had mentioned a long-term revaluation of these professions, affirming that the ambition was not “Not to go on bonuses one shot, even if it was out of the question “To rule out premiums”.

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