Completely (re) measured the city: Leipzig suddenly became smaller and thicker!

Leipzig – For men in their prime, this is quite normal, for a city that is over 1000 years old, it is not: Leipzig has become smaller, but has grown in size.

After 13 years with constant dimensions, the town hall has now had the urban area re-measured. The result:

► In the north-south expansion, our city is 22.9 kilometers, 500 meters shorter than in previous years!

Despite the satellites: Classic surveyors are still indispensable when it comes to property issues or building projectsPhoto: Hans-Peter Wolff

The length of the city limits (= circumference), on the other hand, has increased by 200 meters and is now exactly 128.9 kilometers. And that with the same east-west extension of 21.3 kilometers.

The responsible office for geoinformation and land planning: “In principle, changes in the length or expansion of the city limits are always possible due to more precise measurement methods and basic data, boundary changes, land consolidation procedures or land swaps.”

But: “This time, a new methodical approach was chosen to determine the relevant key figures, similar to that in other cities.” B. satellite images are used, which are broken down into tiny grids and deliver ultra-precise data.

The office: “We therefore assume that the values ​​will only change marginally in the next few years.” Means: Leipzig will (for the time being) stay in shape.


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