Competition makes HFC defenders strong – Landgraf beckons the starting line-up

He was the personified Constance at Halleschen FC. For almost two and a half years, Niklas Landgraf (24) was considered a full-back. But since the turn of the year his regular place is gone.

The left-footed player has only come off the bench for four games. Of all days, Saturday (2 p.m.) in Zwickau, that should change again for the native of Saxony.


Coach Florian Schnorrenberg (43) already praised after the 1-1 draw against Saarbrücken: “I am very satisfied with his performance after being substituted on. In the last few days of training and already in the missions he had before, he showed a clear increase in form. “

The secret of success: The competition with Janek Sternberg makes him strong! The left-back: “I think everyone likes to be on the pitch. But in the end you also have to acknowledge the achievements of others. And it was that Sterni simply had the better shape. “

Coach Florian Schnorrenberg praises Landgraf’s increase in formPhoto: picture alliance / photo booth

But while Sternberg’s performance curve was down recently, his is going steeply up. And back to the starting line-up?

Landgraf says diplomatically: “That has to be decided by the coach in the end. I do my best, try to give 100 percent when I come in and I think that’s the most important thing. “

By the way: A change is looming on the right side of the defense. After his substitution against Saarbrücken, Fabian Menig (26) was also convincing and could push Lukas Boeder (23) onto the bench.


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