Compensation for unemployed people at the end of their rights will be extended until the end of May, Borne announces

The unemployed at the end of their rights will see their compensation extended again until the end of May in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne announced on Monday April 19.

Unemployment: the 5 ulterior motives of a contested reform

“Since the end of October, we have extended the rights of job seekers who have reached the end of their rights, I am announcing today that we will again extend the rights of these job seekers until the end of May”, declared the minister on France-Inter.

This extension concerns the unemployed who have reached the end of their rights (return to work allowance or specific solidarity allowance) since October 30. Since that date, “It’s nearly 700,000 job seekers” who have benefited from this measure at a cost “2.5 billion euros”, she added.

Interruption in case of improvement of the situation

The decree on the reform of unemployment insurance of March 31 has already recorded this extension in principle until the end of June but the Minister confirms it orally from month to month in view of the evolution of the crisis.

This extension may be interrupted if necessary at the end of May, by decree, in the event of an improvement in the situation.

The unemployed could lose up to 250 euros per month with the reform, according to Unédic

The exceptional extension of unemployment insurance rights had already been adopted during the first confinement which lasted three months, from March 17 to May 10.

Intermittent entertainment workers have benefited from the specific extension of their rights until August 31, 2021.

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