Committed, burlesque, diabolical… Cinema releases on December 1st

♦ Madres paralelas ***

by Pedro Almodovar

Spanish film, 2 hours

For his 24e film, Pedro Almodovar meets, in a maternity hospital in Madrid, two single women who confide in just before giving birth. A beautiful gravity surrounds this diabolical scenario which is unraveled little by little to smooth the intimate contradictions of the characters.

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♦ The devil does not exist ***

by Mohammad Rasoulof

Iranian movie, 2:30

Under prison sentence and deprived of a filming permit, the Iranian filmmaker continues to live and work in his country. A choice he placed at the heart of his latest film, The devil does not exist, crowned with the Golden Bear in Berlin last year.

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♦ Mom is raining hard ***

by Hugo de Faucompret

Program of animated short films, 50 mn

Borrowing its traditional figures from the tale, the film by Hugo de Faucompret, which gives its title to this program of animated short films, tells with sensitivity and care how a young girl confronts her mother’s depression.

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Human Things **

by Yvan Attal

French film, 2:10

Adaptation of Karine Tuil’s novel, Yvan Attal’s seventh film explores the gray areas of a confrontation, word against word, between two protagonists who recognize the same facts (the act did take place) but oppose each other on the interpretation, which only justice can help to decide.

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♦ Animal **

By Cyril Dion

French documentary, 1 h 45

To understand what is akin to the sixth mass extinction, Cyril Dion took back his pilgrim’s staff and took with him two 16-year-old environmental activists. Together, they meet activists who seek to tackle the reasons for the collapse of animal species.

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The Attachment **

by Antonin Peretjatko

French film, 1 h 26

If the film borrows from the vaudeville of the 1960s by its aesthetics and its music, The patch traces a singular furrow by multiplying burlesque finds and scathing allusions to the news, yellow vests massacred during a hunt, to the theory of runoff which exempts these well-born from indulging in the ugly flaw of solidarity .

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♦ Petrov’s Fever *

by Kirill Serebrennikov

Russian movie, 2:25

Through a hallucinatory and alcoholic dive, through Moscow, the character is drawn into a distorted and inglorious reality of today’s Russia while bringing back to his consciousness the traumatic memory of a Christmas celebration in childhood in the days of the USSR.

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