Coming from risk areas: the police report travelers to health authorities

Passau – Because they were unable to submit a negative corona test or an entry registration, the Bavarian border police reported 1,300 travelers from risk areas to health authorities.

The police said it should be possible to monitor the mandatory test within 48 hours of entering the country. Regardless of this, a quarantine obligation applies to those affected.

From December 29th to January 3rd inclusive, around 10,000 travelers were checked at the borders of the Free State and at Nuremberg and Memmingen airports. For around 4,000 of them a test was compulsory, but only around 1,400 were able to present a negative result on entry. According to the information, around 1,300 people were able to submit an entry registration.

The police announced that they would intensify their controls over the next few days – “especially, of course, on the next weekend with expected heavy return traffic”.


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