Column with woof effect: Am I a puppy keeper or what?

Now I still have this little bully on my neck while walking!

Good day. This is Jule, her picture-dog-miss, who has had a little brother in the pack, speaking. Winnetou is the name of the annoyance, Winnie is called, and now the human man has also had the idea of ​​tying his leash to my collar in the castle grounds.

Photo: BILD

Am I a puppy keeper or what?

You have no idea how hard it is! Winnie is constantly getting tangled up in the leash with his lanky legs. Mostly he wants to go in a different direction. If I stop, he’s guaranteed to be chasing a butterfly. And when people call, he puts all four paws into the ground.

Fortunately, the Lütte learns quickly. Yesterday after 10 minutes he got it: If he trots along nicely next to me, there is more often a dog biscuit, for each of us.

So having the puppy on your neck can definitely be a winnie-winnie situation!

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