Colorado (USA): Seven dead in shooting at birthday party

A man opened fire on the guests at a birthday party in a trailer park in Colorado, killing six people.

The police found six bodies and a seriously injured man who later died in hospital when they arrived at the scene shortly after midnight on Sunday (local time), the Colorado Springs authority said. The alleged shooter was also among the dead.

The children present at the celebration were reportedly unharmed and were taken into the care of relatives. The alleged perpetrator was the friend of a female victim and shot himself after the bloodbath, the police said. Investigations into the motive are ongoing.

Firearms are widespread in the USA, and the rules are very lax in many places compared to other countries. The CDC health authority recorded a total of 39,707 gun deaths in 2019 alone – almost 110 deaths per day. Around 60 percent of the cases were suicides.


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