Cologne’s speed traps have names: Here you will be flashed by Hänneschen

Cologne – Speed ​​control really fun: be careful, on the Deutz bridge you are currently being flashed by the Hänneschen!

There are eleven (!) Mobile radar systems in the cathedral city – most of them are in speed 30 zones or in front of kindergartens and schools. But they also sparkle on popular “racetracks” such as the Zoobrücke.

What hardly an annoyed driver suspects: The speed cameras have all names …

Every speed trap has an “official” certificate

Photo: Mario Jüngling

Reason: The Swiss manufacturer called the first speed camera in Cologne “Olga”. “We can do it much funnier and more Cologne”, said the employees of the Cologne speed control.

Now the plants are called Griet, Kättche, Oskar, Pitter, Röschen, Speimanes and Hänneschen. But also Erasmus, Hawkeye, and Kathrin. Each of them recorded around 10,000 violations in the first half of the year.

Sad record so far this year: On the Agrippinaufer a colleague from Hänneschen “caught” a driver with a speed of 128 km / h.


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