Cologne: transfer fee for prostitutes! Police are looking for alleged blackmailers

Cologne – He believed in great love and was violently disappointed!

In 2019, a Cologne resident (51) fell in love with a prostitute and even met her. He was then threatened by a blackmailer from the red light district. According to BILD information, the woman quit her job during the relationship.

Shortly afterwards, strangers – possibly also the woman’s former pimp – contacted the man from Cologne and asked him to break up. Alternatively, he should pay his transfer fee for the loss of earnings of the ex-prostitute.

According to the police, the strangers threatened to set the man’s restaurant on fire if he did not comply. They also distributed leaflets with defamatory content about the injured party and threatened him on the phone. At the end of December 2019, the men finally stopped him on a dog meadow in Cologne-Pesch and threatened him again.

The investigators are now looking for one of the suspects with a photo. Notes to 0221/2290.

PS: The love did not last. The couple is separated again.


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