Coke taxi on four legs: Police in Panama intercept the drug cat

Coke taxi on four legs!

The authorities in Panama intercepted a small four-legged drug courier in front of a prison in the Caribbean province of Colón.

Attentive guards from Nueva Esperanza asylum grabbed a red and white spotted cat that was on its way to the complex with a small pouch on its body. There were packets of cocaine, crack and marijuana in the cloth that the velvet paw wore around its small body. This was announced by the provincial prosecutor for drug trafficking, Eduardo Rodríguez.

The kitten tried to smuggle cocaine, crack and marijuana into prisonPhoto: – / AFP

The little smuggler was taken to an animal shelter. The prosecutor’s office meanwhile initiated an investigation into the use of animals as drug smugglers in the institution. More than 1,700 prisoners are housed in the complex, located around 80 kilometers north of the capital Panama.

Now the kitten is also behind bars for the time being

Now the kitten is also behind bars for the time beingPhoto: PROSECUTOR GENERAL / AFP

It is not the first time in Panama that prisoners have used animals as drug couriers. On previous occasions, authorities had also intercepted carrier pigeons with illegal cargo. According to the prosecutor, other inmates prefer to use modern technology such as drones.


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