Cocktail workshops and psych support: we heard from the chief happiness officers

Evil spirits would almost be tempted to make a joke out of it, which would look something like this: what’s the last straw for a chief happiness officer (CHO), those responsible for corporate happiness? No longer being able to distribute chouquettes. This is one of the major changes that have occurred in the daily life of these “people responsible for happiness” in business, forced to reinvent themselves with the switch to telework.

Until the first confinement, parties, afterworks and team building sessions occupied full-time Julien Edelman, happiness manager for three years for a B2B bank with 300 employees and in which he should “To ensure cohesion, the corporate culture and work on the employer brand to attract new talents”. Another key line of his job description: ensure the integration, with a series of animations over several days, of the 30 or so employees who arrive each month in the company (in ing language, we say ” on boarding “).

“I have a colleague, she’s meeting on her terrace with a pergola”: what videoconferencing teaches us from others

Recommended teleworking requires “We had to adapt overnight”, explains the CHO. The first was to transpose the moments of conviviality from a distance: “We have set up a schedule with one activity per day: sports or online cafes, small games, workshops for making cocktails or wreaths of flowers”, he explains. Friday is meditation.

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