Coal mining: sit-down against demolition work in Lützerath

Lützerath – Lignite opponents protested in Lützerath near Erkelenz against the demolition of former residential buildings. In the peak phase there were three blockades on Monday, each with around 10 to 20 people, said a police spokeswoman.

Among other things, those involved sat down in front of an approaching low-loader. They were then carried away. Overall, the police described the situation as relatively calm.

A protester is carried away by police officers

Photo: dpa

Lützerath is one of the villages that is to give way to the Garzweiler II open-cast lignite mine operated by RWE Power.

“The resettlement and thus the loss of the home is unacceptable for energy generation that belongs to the last century,” said the activists.

An RWE spokesman said the demolition work continued normally on Monday. They have long been approved.

Teaser picture

The demolition site is largely cordoned off

Photo: dpa

The police said they were working with a hundred. In addition, security forces from RWE were on site to accompany the demolition work in the village.


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