Clinic in Frankfurt – parents not vaccinated – no heart surgery for their child (3)

Athens – This case is causing a stir. In Cyprus (1.2 million inhabitants), in Israel, Great Britain – and now also in Germany!

It’s about a three-year-old boy who was denied treatment in foreign hospitals because his parents weren’t vaccinated. That reports “Politico”.

It is now being discussed whether doctors have the right in such a case to turn away small patients and refuse them life-saving treatment.

According to the report, clinics in three countries have refused to treat the boy. Now he is in Greece waiting for an operation.

First things first: The child was taken to the hospital with a serious heart condition. As the Cypriot hospitals were unable to carry out the necessary intervention, the Ministry of Health there arranged for the boy to be flown to Germany in an air ambulance last Thursday.

However, one day before the planned transport, the Frankfurt hospital informed the Cypriot authorities, according to “Politico”, that the transport would not take place because the boy’s parents had not been vaccinated against Corona.

Cyprus suggested that the child could be accompanied by another legal guardian instead of his parents, but this suggestion was rejected, they say.

An official at Germany’s health ministry told Politico that there is no rule saying hospitals cannot treat unvaccinated people, let alone children whose parents are unvaccinated. However, each hospital can meet its own restrictions.

The Cypriot authorities then tried to recruit specialist clinics in the UK and Israel to carry out the operation – but were turned away for the same reason as Germany.

The child was flown to neighboring Greece on Saturday, according to the director-general of the Cyprus Ministry of Health, Christina Yiannaki. It is to be operated there in a private hospital by a team of specialists in Athens.

The parents were both vaccinated on Thursday but will have to wait six weeks before they can be admitted to foreign clinics, sources said.

The boy’s father, Alexey Matveev, a Russian citizen living in Cyprus, is outraged: “I know that unvaccinated patients are admitted to hospitals in Germany,” said Matveev, a Russian citizen living in Cyprus must be vaccinated in order for my child to have surgery in this hospital.”

In the interview, he presents himself as an opponent of vaccination: “If I had known, I would of course have done it. I am healthy and did not want to be vaccinated. I find it inappropriate that someone who is healthy should be vaccinated.”

The Cyprus Ministry of Health also says that the parents were informed in advance about the need for vaccination. It even suggested that parents receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a single dose to speed up the process. However, the parents refused.

Alexey Matveev denied this claim. He says they received the vaccine from Pfizer on the advice of the German medical center.

The child had another operation last summer, but only needed a PCR test for parents to accompany him, said Avraam Elia, head of the children’s clinic at Makarios Hospital, where the child was hospitalized. Cypriot authorities said they had warned parents that regulations could change and that vaccination might be required afterwards.

The toddler’s case raises the ethical question of whether doctors can turn away unvaccinated patients or, in this case, unvaccinated parents, Politico asks.

Most recently, a hospital in Boston (USA) rejected a 31-year-old patient for a heart transplant because he was not vaccinated against the corona virus. The clinic explained that due to the lack of available organs, everything must be done “to ensure that a patient who receives a transplanted organ has the best possible chance of survival”.


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