Clinic doctors suggest: people infected with corona go to the hotel for 10 days

What to do if you get a positive Corona test result and are supposed to spend the next few days at home, where you could infect your family or roommates? Ten days of quarantine in the hotel room! That is the suggestion of the head of the Marburger Bund Clinic Doctors’ Association, Dr. Susanne Johna (55).

“When four people live in 80 square meters, it is often hardly possible to really separate yourself. Cramped living conditions endanger the success of the quarantine, ”Johna told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Many hotels and guesthouses would have hardly any income in the crisis anyway. The state has to bear the costs of the accommodation.

But Johna makes it clear to BILD am Sonntag that hotel quarantine is only an option for those who can imagine it and who would have no problems with it.

“The offer should be voluntary and only apply to people who have no or only weak symptoms.” She points out that the concern of infecting other family members can be psychologically very stressful.

Separate families to prevent infections – Ingrid Hartges (60), General Manager of the Hotel and Restaurant Association Dehoga, welcomes the idea. “If support is necessary, hotels are certainly ready to take in people infected with corona or subject to quarantine, but it is up to the individual entrepreneur to decide.” In spring, during the first corona wave, this worked well in Bavaria.

For Thomas Bareiß (45, CDU), the federal government’s tourism commissioner, the proposal misses the point. Patients should be treated where they can get the best care. And as long as a Covid 19 patient has no symptoms, the best place is at home. ”

Current cases and numbers: Coronavirus (Covid-19) diseases in Germany (Karte / Map) - Infographic

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs on BILD am Sonntag: “I don’t think we’re doing the hotels a favor either. Should we also impose this task on the already badly shaken industry? In addition, the federal government cannot assume any additional costs. “ ⇥ kbe, uhu, vw

Clinic doctors suggest: people infected with corona go to the hotel for 10 days

Infected number well above lockdown level - infographic


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