Climber surprised by avalanche – German (29) dead – mountaineering drama on the sky needle

Experienced mountaineers consider the Guillaumet peak to be demanding, a challenge. The mountain in southern Argentina rises 2750 meters into the sky. On Thursday afternoon (local time) he became a deadly trap for a German mountaineer!

Robert G. (29) from Bavaria was out with his Austrian climbing partner Anna T. (28) and the German Thomas H. (26) when they were surprised by an avalanche.

As various media reports, Robert and Anna – both are considered experienced mountaineers and have already been on tour together several times – were hit by boulders and chunks of ice. Thomas H. was uninjured. He had to walk back two hours to call the mountain rescue in a hut.

Forty helpers set out on foot in three search parties, and a military helicopter was also in action. It was not until Friday morning that the rescuers reached the site of the accident near the world-famous Fitz Roy mountain. The mountain is also called the sky needle.

Climber surprised by avalanche - German (29) dead: mountaineering drama on the sky needle
Photo: BILD

Here they discovered the Bavarian’s body. The seriously injured Austrian was rescued 300 meters below. She has several broken bones, and her lungs are said to be injured. According to media reports, Anna T. was taken to a nearby hospital.

The Foreign Office confirmed to BILD am SONNTAG that it is in contact with the local authorities about the accident. A shocked friend of the dead man to BILD am SONNTAG: “That is very sad. Due to climate change, there are more and more debris avalanches. “ (mh, uhu)


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