Clever motorhome with top equipment – bid for the Carado concept vehicle

The motorhome manufacturer Carado has developed a previously unprecedented concept vehicle that is now being auctioned at an eBay charity auction for the benefit of “A Heart for Children”.

The background to the development of the show car was that Carado wanted to respond even better to the wishes of its customers and to further perfect the increasingly popular home on wheels.

The Carado I449 has a Fiat Ducato chassis, 130 hp and an automatic transmissionPhoto: Carado

To achieve this, the motorhome manufacturer, whose range includes integrated and semi-integrated motorhomes as well as vans and camper vans, carried out a study in 2019 together with the market research company Dynata. To do this, they asked the Germans about their exact wishes for a recreational vehicle and what should not be missing from a perfect motorhome holiday.

Above all, the motorhome should be functional, which was particularly important to the people surveyed. 88 percent wanted a practical layout, 80 percent a spacious interior and 65 percent expected extensive equipment in their vehicle. The preferences of the respondents were also divided into the three areas of “being active”, “relaxing” and “enjoying”. You can find the complete study results here.

The results of this investigation were then implemented in a well thought-out, unique and flexible concept vehicle, the Carado Showcar, which meets all these requirements: an integrated motorhome with a large rear garage that can be accessed through the back door, spacious bathroom and kitchen concepts and numerous functional ideas .

The rear garage, a real space miracle, is the highlight of the vehicle. It can be used in three different ways: family, dog or sport.

The show car has two seats with seat belts

The show car has two seats with seat belts Photo: PR

In the family version to be auctioned, the show car has two seats with seat belts and a double bed and is equipped with two additional beds in the form of a generous bunk bed. This offers a very special and new kind of flexibility, because the motorhome can be easily and individually adapted to every life situation: friends come to visit your pitch, the barbecue evening lasts longer than expected and you can spontaneously find a cozy place for them in your motorhome offer to stay overnight.

Now this unique study vehicle is being auctioned for a good cause. And this is where you come in!

Bid now for the Carado concept vehicle and soon travel comfortably and flexibly with your mobile home to your favorite places and dream travel destinations.

Take part in the eBay charity auction in favor of “A Heart for Children” and bid for the Carado show car with top equipment:

Click here for the auction:


► Two seats

► Four beds (one double bed and two bunk beds)

► Special spatial effect, a lot of freedom of movement with a continuous headroom of an impressive 2.13 meters

► Spacious rear garage with plenty of extra storage space for bicycles and many other camping utensils, stool in the doorway to easily take off dirty clothes and keep the interior clean at all times

► Spacious kitchen for cooking together

► Spacious, separable bathroom

► Fiat Ducato chassis based on the Integrated I449

► Almost 7.40 meters in length

► 130 hp

The mobile home has a double bed and is equipped with two additional beds in the form of a generous bunk bed

The mobile home has a double bed and is equipped with two additional beds in the form of a generous bunk bedPhoto: PR

Living room

► Ergonomically designed seating area with swiveling front armchairs

► Flexible table use in the lounge area: the table can be completely stowed under the seating group, is infinitely adjustable for a couch or dining table function, has an integrated bottle holder and can also be taken outside if necessary

► 2.00 x 1.50 meter fold-down bed, which is lowered over the front seats, as well as a generous bunk bed

► 32-inch TV with horizontal pull-out that can be seen perfectly from the lounge corner

► Soundbar for the best sound quality with stereo effect

► Induction charging area in the entrance area for charging cell phones and small devices

► Very high number of sockets: seven times for 230 volts and ten times for USB devices

► Removable cool box in the rear garage

► Outside: LED strips on the awning for atmospheric lighting

The kitchen has a 1.4 meter wide worktop, a hob with an electric induction plate and two gas cookers

The kitchen offers, among other things, a 1.4 meter wide worktop, a hob with an electric induction plate and two gas cookersPhoto: Carado


► 1.4 meter wide worktop with waste bin accessible from above, cutting boards as a cover for the sink and waste bin

► Hob with electric induction plate and two gas hobs

► Splash protection for the kitchen window → fast cooking performance and easy cleaning of the mobile home kitchen

► Retractable socket tower with 230 volt sockets and two USB connections

► Lots of storage space thanks to three spacious drawers, two wall units and a large refrigerator

► Wine cooler with space for up to twelve bottles

► Wine glass shelf as a rattle-free stowage option

The separable bathroom has a walk-in shower

The separable bathroom has a walk-in showerPhoto: Carado


► Generous and spacious, separable bathroom

► Easily accessible, free-standing wash basin

► a walk-in corner shower

► high quality ceramic toilet

► Direct access from the bathroom to the wardrobe

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