Cleo Smith from Australia missing: 1 million reward for clues

This missing person case shakes Australia and shows eerie parallels to the British woman Maddie McCann who disappeared from an apartment complex in Portugal at night in May 2007.

Perth – Cleo Smith (4) has been wanted since Saturday morning. Authorities of the state of Western Australia have now offered a reward of one million Australian dollars (around 640,000 euros) for information on the whereabouts of the child.

The four-year-old was last seen by her parents on Saturday at 1.30 a.m. (local time) at a campsite near the city of Carnarvon, about 900 kilometers north of the Western Australian capital Perth.

Around 6 a.m. the shock: When Cleo’s mother Ellie woke up, the zipper of the tent was opened and her oldest daughter had disappeared! The red and black sleeping bag Cleo had been in wasn’t there either.

The police released the model of the sleeping bag Cleo was in and which has also disappearedPhoto: HANDOUT / AFP

The search initially focused on the ocean, as it was assumed that the little one had run out of the tent. Police now believe that the tent’s zipper was opened by someone taller than the child – and that the child was kidnapped.

“We are confident that we will find Cleo alive,” said investigator Rod Wilde. “But we are very concerned about their safety”. On Thursday the police asked the public for assistance. “Someone in our ward knows what happened to Cleo. Someone knows something that can help us, ”said Vice Police Chief Col Blanch.

Cleo with her mother Ellie and her partner Jake

Cleo with her mother Ellie and her partner JakePhoto: facebook


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