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Clearasil Active Ingredients

You can easily find out the truth about Clearasil Active Ingredients by reading the labeling on the product. However, many dentists have a different way of looking at the product type. The dentists who are in the direct line of medical services for their patients are more likely to look at the ingredient label to understand which product type it is that is being used. It may be easy to just look at the cost of the product and the reputation of the manufacturer, but you would be surprised by how few dentists actually take the time to learn about the strength of the active ingredient.

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Some may look to see how well the Clearasil active ingredient penetrates the skin to do its job. In fact, the patent office has approved several over-the-counter products containing the ingredient, including Clearasil Face Wash and Clearasil Body Wash. These types of products work without drying out the skin or irritating it in any way. It is easy to use as directed by the manufacturer. Just apply it like you would your regular moisturizer.

The national drug code for oral contraceptives contains a note that directs all manufactures to include a Clearasil active ingredient that is effective without drying out the skin. In addition, they should provide instructions for use in a dosage form that can be applied once daily. The Clearasil brand name also contains this note.

About Clearasil Active Ingredients

The ingredients in this popular face wash are natural too. There are no artificial preservatives or fragrances included, making this a good choice for men who are concerned about becoming ill from using too many chemicals. A high level of effectiveness combined with safe levels of safety make Clearasil an excellent choice. The product does contain vitamin E, an anti-inflammatory agent that eases redness and itching around the mouth. It has no effect on heart health.

For men who suffer from enlarged prostate symptoms, there is no better choice for an over the counter male cleanser than Clearasil. Men of all ages can use the product, but it works especially well for those aged 45 and above. The strength of the ingredient is enough to work effectively, without causing excessive dryness or irritation around the face. The brand name also includes this important detail.

The ingredient list on the back of the product can be examined to determine the concentration of active ingredients by reading the nutrition facts panel on the label. The US FDA requires that the marketing information on the back of the product to be uniform, so check carefully to be sure that the product type is listed as “hydrolysate” or “capsaicin”. The National Drug Code for Oral Contraceptives has this to say about the dilation formula: “A product may contain one or more of the names of one or more of the twenty active ingredients”.

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